Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Engagement

Hey Everyone!
Some of you have had the opportunity to check out some of our engagement photos already, but I wanted to post some here too. Rick was quite the gentleman in Amsterdam and he made our trip truly memorable one!

This is the corner that Rick proposed on (this picture was taken the next morning). Our super cute hotel is in the background.


Richard said...


Emily Wassell said...

Yo Michelle and Rick, We are so happy for you guys! glad to here you have a definite date set. It is a shame we will be so far away in oct. and will not be able to be there, but we will be thinking of you guys. We are in florence right now, it is a great spot for a honey moon as well (we are on ours at the moment). but if not florence go to NEW ZEALAND for sure. you will not regret it. I can give you alot of pointers on where to gos and what to dos. I will be in touch when we get back, and make sure to check out our web site in a week or so for the florence photos.

lots of love from PHIL and EM.

Annie C said...

Hey Michelle! Congrats on finding the dress -- that is always a big relief (and a lot of fun)! Looking forward to the big day -- and I will keep an eye out for the MS vases.
Cousin Annie