Saturday, March 29, 2008

A crazy 2 weeks!

Pheew - It's been wedding crazy around here! Danielle (and Aunt Zela) made there way to the states for Easter ("EE-Sta") and we had a Maid of Honor dress hunting extravaganza! Danielle found a beautiful dress in a great color (pictures to come).. and the 4 of us even scoped out some wedding bands! Speaking of which -Today, Rick and I purchased our bands! YIPPY! Big "check mark" day! We had our tasting early this afternoon and it was super yummy. You guys are all in for a treat! Then, Rick, Jocelyn and I went Wedding band hunting with "Great Success!" Rick's ring is unique and suits him so well and my band looks beautiful with my engagement ring. It's on to flowers next.. but first - an adorable picture of my God Daughter, Peyton in her flower girl dress!

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